Brand Platform

Are you determined to built strong foundation for your brand in order for your communication to be based widely on it ? With ALBA l’agence, you are going to built together with us the brand plateform whish corresponds to you, whether it’s global ou more oriented to your employer position.

Depending on the different partners you will invit to the process, we develope think tank (brainstorming workshop) which can take place online or face to face. This enables us to adapt our offer according to the constraints linked to your activity or your organisation. For every item which constitutes the making a brand plateform, we precisely defined the area whish requires some reflexion.

Strategic Plan

Do you need advice in order to define a communication plan ? Trust the agency ALBA l’agence with this misson ! We’ll help you prepare a real communication strategy whether your concerns are external, internal or linked to Corporate Social Responsibility of your organization (CSR).

Building a custom made media plan could include :

  • Buying area on traditional medias : Poster campaign, press, radio, TV, movieraditionnels : affichage, presse, radio, TV, cinéma.
  • Web campaigns : media websites, advertising, social media campaigns with fees.
  • Managing media relations : writing press release, realizing press files, organizing press conference.
  • Engineering and public relation management : Internal event, costumers reception, launch of product, faire, official opening, sport event, concert and all other type of cultural event, conference-debate.

Digital Strategies : 

  •  Social media network native content : Building dedicated strategy, editorial planning with a possible taking charge of your pages (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Viméo, Youtube).
  • Influence campaign : Building the strategy together and looking for influencers.

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