Our ManifestO


The Optimist
communication agency

is formed with 5 permanent happy and positive people.


The passionate
communication agency

about communication jobs
by passionate people about
their craft.



The communication agency
that every communication action must be guided by an honest and deep sense.


The Ambitious
communication agency

which looks always higher, further away to serve excellence.



The communication agency in
All Conscience
all our services are delivered
with sobriety and eco-design


The Hybrid
communication agency

which progresses with innovation, technological advances and new generations.



The communication agency
to its clients to go further
away together.


The Authentic
communication agency

with ancient values which
brings its integrity evidence constantly.



The communication agency
company culture right
at the heart.


The communication agency
Which Engages
its own image in every
client project.


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The agency is located in south Brittany, in Finistère and more precisely in Moëlan-sur-Mer, a nice setting between the Atlantic ocean and the countryside.

Being a coastline’s town, Moëlan-sur-Mer is part of Quimperlé’s urban area famous for its dynamism in several activities like farming, culture, heritage, its lively economy and tourism…

Daily, the Atlantic Ocean passes on its fresh waves to us which are beneficial for our creativity and birds compose, every day, some new little truly inspirational melodies. ALBA l’agence, whose members are on average 35 years old, is developing in this lively environment.

I. Nice little story !

ALBA l’agence is a brand new breton agency but its story started more than ten years ago.
Through many professional adventures in several organizations, the woman and man who form our communication agency tested their ability to work together.
ALBA l’agence’s team made a multitude of projects in communication a reality to serve firms, local authorities, associations and international scale.
Our team, well known for its reliability, is strongly set up in Brittany and can rely on its networks.

II. Ancient genuine values !

draws its origins from two latin expression : « Alba lux » which is translated by “white lights” and which means dawn and “Albus” which means white.

Thanks to its latin essence, ALBA truly embodies our values of transparency, honesty, trust and respect. As well as softness and latin authenticity, ALBA especially suggests creativity and optimism, two aspects inseparable from the agency DNA.

Today, ALBA is also an invitation to travel all over the Europe because it is translate by the word “Dawn” it Italian, spanish, finnish, romanian and Occitan. In breton, cornique, scots gaelic, welsh, irish dans irish gaelic, ABLA indicates Scotland.Brittany and Scotland are two Celtics land wish have many similarity.

They inspired design our visual identity and graphic univers wich inviting you to browse on our website and social media pages Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook. You can visit all of them right now like this, you’ll know more about our competence, our expertise, our every creative capacity and friendly team !

III. Our team

Particularly attached to our clients’ involvement on the project they entrust us with, we are keen on co-construction approach that’s why we make a team effort (or present a united front) with you. Every project team systematically includes the client as a full member of our group.

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